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UML (Unified Modeling Language) has become widely used industry standard for modeling software systems. However, we need also good process and modeling tool support in order to unleash the full power of visual modeling capability provided by UML. The business world is complex, dynamic and fast changing and there is no "one-size-fit-all" methodology, Visual Paradigm provides rich variety of UML design tools for developers to pick and match for the nowadays challenging projects.

  • Latest UML 2.x diagrams and notations support
    A comprehensive UML tool that supports latest UML 2.x diagrams and notations.
  • Integrating UML with BPMN
    Establish inter-linkages from UML design to BPMN, DFD, ERD, ArchiMate, MindMap, etc.
  • Creating product backlog from use case model
    Identify requirements from UML. Keep them as User Activities in user story map and break them down into User Tasks, Epics and User Stories.
  • Use Case scenario
    Document the flow of a use case as flow of events. Apply different formatting to steps.
  • Generating UML Sequence Diagram from Use Case
    Instant generation of UML sequence diagram from use case through the flow of events.
  • Using Wireframe in Use Case
    The UML tool also features UX design tools like wireframe tool and storyboard tool. You can integrate wireframes into the flow of events of use case.
  • UML Modeling in IDE, through IDE Integration
    Keep your design consistent with your code base. Edit both the visual model and source code in a unified environment - your IDE. We support Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, Visual Studio and Android Studio.
  • Synchronizing ERD and UML Class Diagram
    The Class Diagram tool synchronize your class model with database design (the ERD). It also generates the Hibernate ORM mapping tier required in application development.
  • Document production - Use Case report
    Use Case specification, Class specification, system specification, etc. To develop a document involves just simple drag and drop!
  • Communicate software design
    Share, discuss and comments diagrams or models online over the cloud through the PostMania feature.
  • Online Sequence Diagram tool - Draw UML online
    Draw UML online with the online UML tool. We feature online class diagram, online use case diagram, online sequence diagram, online BPMN, ArchiMate 3 and more!

Your Challenges

  • Web or cloud diagrammers may seems quite attractive initially with zero configuration, but it is very poor in terms of performance or capabilities on enterprise scale features when modeling complex diagrams
    • A model (such as a class) had already been created in a diagram cannot be referenced elsewhere within the diagram as a view (referenced shape) or in other diagram and don't mention about sharing among model elements in different projects, thus not suitable for enterprise scale modeling
    • All diagrams are separate piece of work without any traceability among them
    • No strong supporting toolset to unleash the full power of UML for serving on different activities required to be performed in software development such as teamwork, agile development, UX modeling, code engineering, enterprise project management and etc.
  • Diagramming tool like Visio only suitable for drawing simple diagrams and lacks good editing feature for complex diagrams layout and modification. What you get is a set of standard alone diagrams that are not powerful enough to scale-up with the entire software development process

Our Solution

Excellent Visual Modeling toolset

  • Not like other UML diagramming tool with very limited support in UML notations, Visual Paradigm support the latest UML 2.x standard with 14 different types of diagram
  • Related visual modeling standards support such as BPMN, Mind map, Textual Analysis, Project Management Toolset (ArchiMate, Fishbone, Pert, Gantt, WBS, Radar Chart and many more!)

Integrate UML with Agile / Scrum Process

  • Apply use case modeling seamlessly with agile development by integrating use cases with story map for backlog management, release planning.
  • Send multiple sources of visual models (requirements) to agile product backlog such as identifying requirements from use cases, activities in UML Activity Diagram, tasks or activities from BPMN or nodes from mind map diagram.
  • Identify large requirement such as use case and transform them to be a set of manageable user stories or epics at your own choices and accommodate them a manageable story map structure
  • Once you transform use cases into related user story, they can be further breakdown into tasks and can subsequently be managed automatically by the task manager

Code Engineering Toolset

  • Generate code from class and state diagrams for the popular programming languages
  • Generate database from ERDs and subsequently to class diagrams seamlessly mapping objects to relational database using Hibernate framework (support the most popular databases in the market)
  • Integrate Visual Paradigm with leading IDEs including Visual Studio, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Eclipse and Android Studio

Inter-Model and Traceability

  • Support model traceability through model references (one model with multiple views), sub-diagrams model elaboration, reference visual models across multiple projects, annotations and reference attachments
  • Generate sequence diagrams or activity diagram from use case scenarios
  • Elaborate use case scenarios with wireframe tools
  • Identify classes from sequence diagrams and related model from one to another through the Model Transitor feature.

On-Demand Report Designer

  • Simply drag & drop model elements or diagrams created to compose your own reports and output to it to a desirable format such as Word, PDF or HTML.
  • Alternatively, you can embed the model elements or diagrams from the Visual Paradigm project into the content of your corporate report or document with the Fill-in Documentation Composer.

Team Collaboration

  • Your team can concurrently edit the UML project with automatic version control, modification merge and conflicts resolution
  • Furthermore, you can share, discuss and comments diagrams or models online over the cloud through the PostMania feature
  • Attach and classify references and document into a handy, visual File Cabinet

Web Diagrams and Samples online

  • The first phase of Web Diagram online feature is in place (including BPMN, business process Diagram, ArchiMate® Diagram, class diagram, use case diagram, sequence diagram, flow chart PERT, ITIL, AWS, and Microsoft Azure diagram), now all the existing Visual Paradigm users can take advantage of web diagrams online with no additional cost.
  • Now, you can try sample diagram online in the Visual Paradigm Community Circle by importing them straight to you application for learning and experiment or adopt the off-the-shelf templates for solving your problems.

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