Easy Use Case Tool
for both Use Case Driven or Agile Approach


Inadequate requirements specifications not understandable to users are one of the predominant causes of failure in the development of software systems today. Use cases are a reliable technique understandable to end-users (or business users) in order for them to be able to validate these requirements and verify whether these requirements are really what they need. On the other hand, it should also be suitable for software developers to specify requirements for developing software systems, which ensure the best practices such as, traceability and iterative and incremental development.

  • Use Case Diagram
    Full UML Use Case Diagram notation such as actor, use case, extends, include, etc.
  • Create Use Case with Resource Catalog
    Quick Use Case Diagram tool - Resource Catalog. Quickly create professional Use Case Diagram with accurate UML syntax.
  • Use Case Scenario
    Powerful scenario editor for describing the flow of a use case in textual form.
  • Sequence Diagram Generation
    The UML tool helps generate UML sequence diagram from use case scenario automatically.
  • Activity Diagram Generation
    Besides sequence diagram, the UML generation tool also generates activity diagram from use case (scenario).
  • Testing Procedure
    Document how use cases shall be tested with by describing the testing procedure and expected result.
  • Referencing Actor
    Embed model elements (e.g. actors) in the use case description to maintain data consistency.
  • User Story Map
    Use story map to refine use cases into the related user tasks, epics and user stories in a tidy and manageable structure.
  • Epics and User Story
    Each Epic in user story map can be further broken down into a set of user stories.
  • Affinity Table
    Estimating the story point and time required for each user story, with the use of affinity table.

Voice of Our Customers

  • Modeling tool is hard to learn, manipulate especially when the diagram becoming just a bit complex
  • Drawing tool like Visio can only draw the individual UML diagrams without proper modeling facilities, such as, full lifecycle use case driven process, use case template or scenario editing and don't even mention about wireframe modeling
  • A use case driven approach that facilitates the entire software development process from requirements capturing, to analysis, design, implementations and documentation generation
  • Seamlessly integrate with agile approach concepts such as, scrum, sprint development cycle, user story and so on

Our Solution

  • Support full use case diagram notation such as extends, include use cases, stereotype, annotation and etc.
  • Easy to use resource catalog enables menu-less user friendly diagram editing with embedded element connection validity rules
  • Powerful scenario editing lets users to create normal and as well as a number of alternative scenarios with ease
  • Generate sequence diagrams and activity diagram from scenario automatically
  • Create testing procedure and expected result for each line of scenario step
  • Embed model element(s) in the use case description for ensuring updating of an element will reflects the changes in all the referencing elements elsewhere
  • Add references, annotations, relating sub-diagrams to model elements, OCL, terms, rules, glossaries and etc. for enriching the diagrams.
  • Integrate use cases with the Scrum process for extending the capability of use case driven approach
  • Generate or tailor-made documentation using document composer by dragging & dropping model components such as diagrams, tables and mixed with your own text, images for composing nice reports on-the-fly
  • Refine use cases into the related user tasks, epics, user stories in a tidy and manageable structure using story map.
  • Send use case to agile product backlog for planning, refining, managing and estimating them using story map, affinity table and multiple sprints for automatic teamwork and task management

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