Page 15 - IT Project Management Framework - Planning
P. 15

Typical Resource Types

       For each of the identified resource, describe the following attributes:

                                                                   Level of Risk

                                    Stakeholder Management                           Amount / Quality Required

                                            Unit of Cost

                                                                                         Status of Allocation


                                      Available Time Period                            Associated WBS Element (s)

                                                                Duration Required

      • The amount and the quality needed. Say, if printer is a resource required, how many printers do you need? Is there any specific feature
          required? Such as color printing, print in double sides, etc.

      • The status of allocation. Was the resource allocated? Was it reserved? Or just planned?

      • The project activities that have such resource need.

      • The time during which the resource will be consumed.

      • The planned date and time when the resource will be allocated.

      • The cost of purchasing or renting this resource.

      • Whether the cost is per hour, per day, per month or any other units.
      • The level of risk of not being able to acquire this resource as planned.
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