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Many leading vendors have opened the doors of their services to developers, providing them with restful accesses to different web services. Visual Paradigm provides you with a REST API Design Tool, with REST API & API documentation generation.

Your Challenges

  • Lack of way to design REST API. It's risky if not dangerous to go straight into the implementation of REST API without having a clear picture of the scope of the API.
  • Lack of way to communicate REST API design ideas. It's difficult to discuss changes by reading text based content such as source code.
  • Lack of effective way to keep track of the changes of API changes. While it's possible to keep track of changes through traditional concurrent versioning system, it's not easy to tell the rationale of changes. It is also difficult to project an easily understandable comparison between versions of changes.
  • Lack of API document. Users of the API has no effective way to understand nor to utilize the API. A misuse of API may lead to problematic and unexpected outcome.

Our Solution

Visual API Designer

  • Our API design tool enables you to design, describe and document RESTful API with UML class diagram, which is a very popular modeling standard.
  • Design of API is fast, simple and straight forward, thanks to the award winning modeling interface.

Code and API Generation

  • Without writing a single line of code, API designer can generate the complete API definition in accordance with the Swagger 2 or API Blueprint specification. The API details all of its resources and operations based totally on your visual API design.
  • Generate beautiful, interactive API documentation that allows your development team and end consumers to easily get started with your API resources. The visual API documentation makes it easy both for back-end development and client side consumption.

Team Collaboration

  • Publish your REST API design online so that people approved can view the design online, any time and from anywhere.
  • The comment tool allows people to, not only view the design but to leave comment right on the diagram. Designer can act upon requests, and then re-generate the API and documents.
  • Versioning system helps to keep revisions for design changes.
  • Built-in visual comparison tool allows the comparison of different phases of API design. You can easily see the rationale behind changes through the commit log. You can even revert and roll back changes.
  • The branch and merge mechanism makes it simple to make independent and isolated changes.
  • Team members can work together on the same design through the collaboration tools. They can commit and update changes without worry about conflicted changes because we our collaboration engine features a smart conflict resolution tool that can detects conflicts and assists you in resolving conflicts.

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