Business Motivation Modeling Tool


The Business Motivation Model (BMM) in enterprise architecture provides a scheme and structure for development, communication, and managing business plans in an organized manner. Specifically, the Business Motivation Model does all of the following:

  • Identify factors that motivate the establishment of business plans;
  • Identify and define all the elements of business plans; and
  • Indicate how all these factors and elements are inter-related.
  • Strategic Planning with Business Motivation Model Guide-Through
    The process map of Business Motivation Model (BMM). You can perform strategic planning by performing the activities under each BMM element,
  • Entering Influencer Assessment in BMM Guide-Through
    Complete the BMM process by filling in various forms. This figure shows the form of Assessment, which involves the selection in External and Internal Influencers and to describe the potential impacts associated.
  • An ArchiMate 3 Diagram generated from user-entered data in BMM Guide-Through
    A diagram is worth a thousands words. The BMM Guide-Through process analyze your input data and generated diagram from it on-demand. You can visualize traceability of elements by means of ArchiMate Diagrams.
  • Another ArchiMate 3 Diagram generated from user-entered data in BMM Guide-Through
    Another example of diagram generated from BMM Guide-Through process, which depicts the Strategy, Organization Units, Business Policies and Rules, and their inter-relationships.
  • Document of Strategies and Tactices, Generated from BMM Guide-Through
    Click to generate documents from the BMM process for communication purposes. A full set of document templates are provided.
  • Instructions in BMM Guide-Through
    You don't really need to learn BMM prior to using BMM Guide-Through because you are always GUIDED. This figure shows the instructions that teach you how to perform the action required.
  • Samples in BMM Guide-Through
    You can also study the samples we provided in knowing what to do.

Your Challenges

  • Hard to develop a business plan step-by-step and systematically without a standard business motivation framework
  • Standard describes in the manual is hard to follow and lacking of instructions
  • Factors and concepts in BMM are complex, inter-related and thus very hard to maintain the traceability manually among them
  • The BMM model end up to be complex and hard to maintain
  • Hard to visualize the information in different report formats as needed by different stakeholders

Our Solutions

  • Embedded instructions, samples automatically with step-by-step guided through progress indicator
  • Conform to the OMG BMM open standards and process framework
  • Automatic report generation with different templates for satisfy the needs of different stakeholders
  • Visualize the inter-relationships of different concepts in BMM using ArchiMate 3 diagram (The Open Group Certified) by configuring the dependencies of the stakeholders interested
  • Adopt either baseline-first or target-first approach to fit your situation, such as process improvement or new start-up business problems
  • Archive BMM documents and deliverables in visual File Cabinet automatically

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