Strategic Planning Guide-Through

Perform strategic planning step-by-step, with instructions, samples and document generation tools.

A Guided Process for Strategic Planning with BMM

The OMG Business Motivation Model (BMM) provides an excellent framework for developing, communicating and managing strategic plans. This framework reflects widely accepted strategic planning techniques, helping you identify strategic drivers and strategic goals in strategic planning.

BMM Guide-Through features a generic process that assists you in developing a Business Motivation Model. By following the process step-by-step, the core components of strategic planning will be identified. The resulting information will be archived in document form automatically.

Business Motivation Model Guide-Through

Baseline-First, Target-First

There are two flavors of strategic planning with the BMM Guide-Through process:

Baseline first: Identify and integrate strategic initiatives into a business. With this approach, you will go through a discovery process for the current state of a business, identify the problem areas and opportunities, and come up with a target state.

Target first: Identify the future direction of an enterprise mostly based on recognizing and reacting to changes. This approach starts by assessing the problem areas and opportunities. The target state of business is shaped based on the result of assessment.

Incremental Identification of Motivation Elements

An enterprise has a "reason to be", as expressed as its Ends (what an enterprise wants to be) and Means (what to do in order to become what it wants to be). There are Influencers that are subject to Assessments, results in the identification of impacts that may potentially affects the achievement and employment of Ends and Means.

BMM Guide-Through allows you to identify those BMM elements. Not only does it allow for documenting the elements, it also allows relating these elements and keeping the consistency of data through the reusability support. Example usage: selection of the Objective(s) that a Tactic aim to achieve.

Automatic Visualization of Traceability

The BMM elements are inter-related (e.g. Goal amplifies Vision). With the automatic visualization feature, you can generate ArchiMate® 3 diagrams that depict the traceability among BMM elements. The diagram helps you examine the connection exhibited from a given source, which is extremely useful in getting answers to questions like "How to achieve this goal?", "What motived the implementation of this business tactic?", "Who stewards this business mission?", "What're the rules employed to govern this strategy?", "What are the potential impacts of this influencer?" etc.

Generate Strategic Planning Documents

Generate BMM documents for the communication of strategic plans. The BMM Guide-Through process comes with 8 pre-defined document templates. As you advance through the process, BMM elements are identified, documents are then generated in background. You can always find the documents in the Deliverable Repository or perform a manual generation. No additional editing required.

Pick-up Quickly with Samples and Instructions

No prior learning is required because you are guided through the process with instructions and samples.

Deliverables auto archived

Deliverables Auto-Archived

As you progresses phase by phase and works have been done step-by-step incrementally, the information will be collected from your work in background in forming different BMM documents, known as deliverables. All these deliverables will be generated, versioned and archived in a well categorized Deliverable Repository.

Workflow Management for Process Activities

Work collaboratively by dispatching process activities as tasks to different stakeholders, through Tasifier, the Task Management tool. You can set the start and due date, instructions and add attachment to the tasks, keep monitoring the progress of work with Gantt Chart, etc.

Tasks Synchronized from Process

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