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Customers need to recognize how a proposed feature will work. But simply describing to them verbally or textually for the targeted feature to be built may be quite challenging for their imagination. Wireframing can be extremely helpful in squaring that circle, as it can be served as a "show, don't tell" visual mock-up tool for confirming system design ideas with customers.

  • Wireframe tool comes with rich editing functions
    The wireframe tool comes with rich editing functions. Wireframes can be created with just a few mouse drag.
  • Changes made in parent are instantly
    Wireframes can be structured in a 'tree'. Changes made in parent are instantly propagated to its decadence. No more rework on similar wireframe drawings!
  • Convert part of it into wireframe components and mark the changes
    In system re-engineering, use the screen capture tool to take a snapshot of existing system screen, convert part of it into wireframe components and mark the changes. Traceability is also maintained.
  • Storyboard tool allows you to put together relevant wireframes
    The storyboard tool allows you to put together relevant wireframes into a meaningful storyboard, and play them in sequence. This allows you to communicate system design ideas with stakeholder easier.
  • A range of wireframe tools for different devices
    This wireframe example demonstrates the use of annotations in screen mock-up.
  • Features use case and agile tools.
    The wireframe tool also features use case and agile tools. Wireframes can be seamlessly integrated into a use case's flow of events.
  • Android wireframe example for Gmail app.
    Besides website wireframe, we also support a range of wireframe tools for different devices: Desktop application wireframe tool, Android wireframe tool, Android tablet wireframe tool, iOS wireframe tool, iPad wireframe tool.

Benefits of Wireframing

A wireframe is only a low-fidelity version of a user interface and is not meant to be a representation of real screen. Website wireframes are intended to be used to demonstrate functionalities, user interactions and screen flows of web pages, without explicitly specifying how screen components should look like and how the components should behave in order to achieve the highest usability. Comparing to prototyping or any kind of detailed screen designs, wireframe features the following advantages:

  • Easy to draw: Wireframe has a simple and clean layout. It is formed by simple screen elements without any detailed styling and formatting.
  • Easy to understand: Wireframe is welcomed by both the development team and business people. It is so simple that everyone can understand without learning.
  • Easy to modify: You don't need any programming to visualize new design ideas.
  • No coding required: No heavy prototyping and no coding. You just need to draw the wireframe as if you are using a drawing tool.
  • In-line annotations: Annotate design ideas in-place with the help of annotation shapes. These annotations can be shown in requirement specification as well.

Why Wireframing with Visual Paradigm?

  • Visual Paradigm's wireframing tool is so intuitive that helps you mock-up much Faster & Smarter.
  • Sketch-style wireframes encourages brainstorming and focus the conversation on content and interaction rather than the detailed design of the user interface.
  • In addition to website wireframe tools, Visual Paradigm's wireframe toolset features different devices style (tablet, desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android) with different components or orientation at your choice.
  • Wireframes can be modelled as parent and child frame relationship for more effective editing and management. Changes are synchronized to child frames instantly. No more rework is needed!
  • Embedding screenshot in wireframe is so convenient by using the build-in screen capturing tool.
  • Wireframes are seamlessly integrated with use case and agile user story scenario modeling process, complementing the concern of UX in requirements gathering.
  • Playback viewer enables you to shows storyboard as a series of cross device wireframes in screen flow. Customer knows how the proposed working software is supposed to be behaved or in-action.
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