UX Design and Wireframe Tools

Perform UX design. Draw screen mock-up with wireframe, and present screen flow with storyboard.


Draw screen mock-up for the new system, quickly and effectively using the wireframe tool. Wireframe is simple and easy-to-draw. It allows stakeholders to foresee how the new system will look like, making it an ideal tool for gathering early feedback that influences the design of system. (You may also check our High Fidelity Mockup Tools for detailed UI design tool)

Wide range of wireframe types

With our wireframe software, you can create wireframes for Android apps (phone/tablet), iPhone/iPad apps, desktop applications and web pages.

Font and color configuration

Colorize the border and body of wireframe elements, as well as to configure the font used.

Bootstrap components

Create trendy website mockups using bootstrap wireframe components.

Single Wireframe, Multiple States

Save time from unnecessary rework. Represent the different incidents of a screen by drawing a single wireframe with multiple states. States are managed in a tree hierarchy, allowing you to represent the different 'looks' of a screen with minimal effort.

Define wireframing lifecycle with state

Screen Capturing Tool for UI Re-Design

To re-engineer a system often involves the update of current screens. How about some help in this process? Use the Smart Edit tool to take screenshots from current screens, and then revise them with wireframe components. You can also move and delete any part of the captured screens.

UI re-design with the wireframe smart edit feature


Design screens with wireframe, and present screen flow with storyboard. Storyboard is an engaging way to present how users can interact with the system. It is an inexpensive way to confirm requirements up front.

Storyboard Tool

Storyboard Player

Present storyboard to stakeholders with the storyboard player. Let the stakeholder feel the new system as if they are using it!

Storyboard Player

Turn every software project into a successful one.