How to Generate a RACI Chart from a BPMN Business Process Diagram?

As a process modeling software, Visual Paradigm allows you to describe business workflow by drawing business process diagrams with BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) and, what's more, you can instantly generate a RACI Chart from any business process diagram to describe the ways participants (i.e. pools and lanes) get involved in the business activities (i.e. tasks and activities).

August 13, 2013
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What is RACI Chart?

RACI chart is a matrix that presents the different responsibilities of people, teams, department or any other business units in completing business activities for a business process. A typical RACI chart involves rows of participants and columns of business activities. Cells, when appropriate, are marked with letters R, A, C or I, with each of them representing a specific kind of responsibility. Here is a description of RACI:

R - Responsible. Participant do something to achieve a specific business activity.

A - Approver. Participant who verify the completeness and correctness of business activity.

C - Consulted. Participant who give advice on business activity.

I - Informed. Participant who are kept updated on the progress on business activity.

What is this Tutorial about?

The purpose of this tutorial is to let you know how to generate RACI chart from a BPMN business process diagram, using Visual Paradigm.


In order perform the steps in this tutorial, make sure you have Visual Paradigm downloaded and installed. You may download Visual Paradigm in the download page if you do not have it installed.

You also need to download the sample project with BPD, which will be used to demonstrate the generation of RACI chart throughout this tutorial.

Generate RACI Chart from Business Process Diagram

  1. Open the sample project Product Repair. The sample project contains a simple business process diagram named Product Repair. Take a look first.
    business process diagram sample
  2. We need to produce a RACI chart from this business process diagram, to describe the responsibilities of the three participants - I.T. support, repairman and customer service department. All you need to do is to right click on the background of the business process diagram and select Utilities > Generate RACI Diagram from the popup menu.
    generate raci chart
  3. A RACI chart is immediately formed by evaluating the workflow in the business process diagram. A participant is said to be 'responsible' for a task when that task is placed inside the participant pool in business process diagram. In such case, the cell is marked with 'R'.
    raci chart generated
  4. As we mentioned in the What is RACI Chart? section, there are totally 4 kinds of responsibility you can describe using RACI chart. Other than Responsible ('R'), we have Approver ('A'), Consulted ('C') and Informed ('I'). Let's fill in the RACI chart with other kinds of responsibilities. Click Mark Code to Cell on the top left corner.
    mark code to cell
  5. Let's say the Repairman will be consulted when scheduling a repair. Choose Consulted on top of the RACI chart.
    select consulted
  6. Click on the cell that intersect Repairman and Schedule Repair. You should see the letter 'C' appear in the cell you clicked.
    raci chart consultant
  7. Let's say the Customer Service Department has to approve the inspection and the pickup of product. Similar to what you did above, choose Approver on top of the RACI chart and mark the corresponding cells with 'A'.
    raci chart approver
  8. The I.T. support has to be informed about the progress of product inspection. Mark the corresponding cell with 'I'. That's all for this tutorial.
    raci chart informated


  1. Product-Repair.vpp

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written by Natasha on July 25, 2014

Does the Modeler edition give the option of automatic creation of RACI diagram?

written by Rain Wong on July 26, 2014

The generation of RACI is supported in Standard Edition or above.

written by Angus Chan on August 1, 2014

The creation of RACI diagram supported by Standard Edition or above.

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