Business Process Modeling on Mac OS X

Cutting edge business process modeling software on the world's most advanced operating system. Combining Visual Paradigm with Mac OS X allows anyone to develop business process model and carry out process improvement in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

  1. Simple steps, high quality work

    Visual Paradigm is designed to be simple, direct and intuitive. It takes just a single mouse action to create shape, few more for a diagram, few more for a complete model, and that's it! On Visual Paradigm, it's easy to do everything in the simplest manner and after all, simplicity is what we aim for.


    With resources-centric modeling interface, you can create shape and association at the same time. And no need to worry about the notation syntax.

    Diagram Navigation

    Search and locate diagrams and model elements in a project.

    Sweeper and Magnet
    • Sweeper

      Increase more space between messages with one drag.

    • Magnet

      Tidy messages much more easier.

    1. Resources-centric
    2. Diagram Navigation
    3. Sweeper and Magnet
  2. It's exceedingly powerful

    Many people think that business process improvement is nothing more than drawing business process diagrams and asking the business user to implement them. This is definitely not the case; not if you want to have an applicable process model at least. Proper business process improvement involves essentially the communication with business users, the analysis of current process (as-is process), the planning of improved process (to-be process) and process execution, and more. Advanced and sophisticated tools are required to make the initiative a success. In addition to producing stunning business process design, Visual Paradigm's simulation function enables the study of resource allocation. Its animation function facilitates process presentation. And its Visual Diff function allows you to compare as-is and to-be process model in systematic approach. That's why we need a software tool! Enjoy more by doing less. Visual Paradigm has done the complex tasks for you.

    Visual Diff

    Compare as-is business process diagram and to-be business process diagram. Identify new, deleted and updated tasks between diagrams.


    A movie is worth a thousand still pictures! Animation can be configured and generate animation from business process diagram.


    Visually simulate the execution of business process diagram.

    1. Visual Diff
    2. Animation
    3. Simulation
  3. Scalable with high performance

    Visual Paradigm Project File

    With the growth of business, it is natural to employ more employees and to streamline the business process for better business efficiency. Visual Paradigm, as a true business process modeling software, is designed to be highly scalable and is ready for continuous business growth. The support of as-is and to-be process model allows you to develop and manage business process models throughout the entire business growth. With cutting-edge techniques applied, memory and system resources are well utilized. You can create unlimited number of business process model within the same project file without any concern on performance.

  4. Well connected analysts and business people

    We believe that it is essential to establish effective communication with business users in order to develop a business process model that is feasible and responsive to their needs. Traditional ways of communications such as Emails, telephone and personal meetings have become time-consuming and cumbersome. Visual Paradigm provides analysts with chances to communicate with and collect comments from process experts, stakeholders and other business users effectively throughout the entire process improvement cycle. The social features allow analyst to share process diagrams on the Web and let business users view and comment on-the-fly. Now, improve your process designs base on business users' feedback, show them the good work again and let them give you their thumbs up :-)

    Team collaboration
  5. Generate process specification in seconds

    To execute a business process model require a well written process specification that everyone can follow. Unfortunately, to write such a specification is painful and thankless. The higher the complexity of process model, the more things to write, not to mention the rework needed every time when model is being updated. Visual Paradigm comes with several robust reporting features, which allows customized process specification to be generated in seconds, regardless of the number of pages to generate. Save the pen, save your life. Start the report generation process now, go and take a break and when you come back, a well-written and complete process specification will be there.

    Report Diagram

    Report Diagram

    Convert business process diagram to report by a few mouse clicks. The generated report can preview and compare with the design side by side.

  6. Visual Paradigm

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  7. Evaluation

    You can try Visual Paradigm by downloading an evaluation copy at our download page. If have questions about our products or pricing, please feel free to contact us.

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