5 Things You Need in Your UML Tool

A sea of UML tools is out there. What to choose? Go with a brand name or frugal solution? Well, ultimately you want to askā€¦ does it stay simple and scale along the way?

Use Case Modeling

Draw UML use case diagrams, document use case scenarios and generate activity diagrams and produce requirement specification.

Structural Modeling

Describe system structures with UML class diagrams, composite structure diagrams. Visualize class instances with UML object diagrams.

Behavioral Modeling

Design and model system interactions with UML sequence diagrams and UML communication diagrams. Design and model dynamic behavior with activity diagrams. Show critical state changes with UML state machine diagrams.

Architectural Modeling

Design internal structure with UML component diagrams. Construct system with UML deployment diagrams. Visualize high level package structure with UML package diagrams.

Resource-centric user interface

A selection of shapes to choose from, screened and pre-checked for international standards.

Diagram navigation

Quick and easy to locate shapes.

Reclaiming spaces with sweeper

Insert or remove space in diagram by sweeping across the screen.

Layout facilities

Tidy up diagrams for better presentations

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Export project to document

Instantly compile project details into a professional looking document in Word or HTML format.

Export diagram to image

Let others see your design, even without the modeling tool.

  1. 1

    Support All UML Diagrams

    Well-covered under an umbrella for all latest UML diagrams.

  2. 2

    Easy to Pick Up

    The only constant is change. Embrace it with an easy-to-pick-up tool.

  3. 3

    Run on Major Platforms

    Team members harvest across platforms yet converge on a tool.

  4. 4

    Accommodating Outputs

    Distribute design in various popular formats. Be seen without the tool.

  5. 5

    Team Power

    Collaborate concurrently to multiply productivity.

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