Plug-in Sample

Last Modified: Jun 17, 2015

The following are five samples that show you how to create plug-in for different purpose. For more details about installing the plug-ins, please visit Chapter 3 - Deploying Plugin of Plug-in User's Guide.

Table of Contents

Singleton Class Creator

Added a menu "Singleton Class" in Class Diagram's toolbar for creating a Singleton class with attributes and operations automatically filled.

Viewless Element Reporter

Added a button "Plugin > Viewless Element Reporter" in toolbar for analyzing your project and exporting a report of elements without views (i.e. elements that have not been visualized in any diagram)

Generate Sample Sequence Diagram

Right-click on the background of sequence diagram and generate the content via the menu "Generate Sample Diagram".

Create Communication Diagram

Select "Plugin > Generate Sample Communication Diagram" in toolbar to create a communication diagram with content.

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