Advanced Team Collaboration Features in Visual Paradigm

Check out the advanced team collaboration features supported by Visual Paradigm.


Branch is defined as a copy of work derived from a certain point in the trunk. It sets up an extra space for users to work on and make modifications without disturbing the trunk. As soon as the modifications in branch are done, you can merge it back to the trunk.



Tag refers to a named version of your work at a point of time on the trunk.


Roll back past revision changes

Undo changes made in specific revision(s).


Export revision

Export revisions to project files.


Managing Teamwork Files

Add, commit teamwork files in Teamwork Files pane


Model element/diagram protection

You can prevent a diagram from being edited by another team member by locking it. In this chapter, you will see how to protect diagram by locking.


See the evolution of design using Visual History

See the evolution of design. Visual History features a side-by-side viewer that allows the comparison of diagram over revisions.


Design recovery with Visual History

Recover your design by restoring your diagram from old revision. Run Visual History. Get changes back in an instant.

6. Import project to server Table of Contents 1. Branching in server

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