Spell Checking Options

The Spell Checking feature supports spell checking in all inline editing, as well as in Textual Analysis. We support in-place editing of misspelled words, simply by right-clicking your mouse instead of using the complex spell-check box. Spell-check provides intelligent suggestions for words, and you can add your own words into your personal dictionary.


Option Name Description
Enable spell checking (default true) Enable spell checking.
Dictionary The choose of dictionary affects the judgment of correctness of words.
  • American - (default) Perform spell checking using an American dictionary.
  • British - Perform spell checking using an British dictionary.
  • Canadian - Perform spell checking using an Canadian dictionary.
Check spelling as you type (default true) Check spelling when typing.
Ignore words in UPPERCASE (default true) Do not classify the use of upper case in a word as a spelling mistake(unless the spelling is wrong).
Ignore words with numbers (default true) Do not classify the inclusion of number in word as a spelling mistake (unless the spelling is wrong).
Ignore Internet and file address (default true) Do not classify Internet and file address as a spelling mistake.
Spell Checking Options details

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