ERD & ORM Options

Option Name Description
Show column type (default true) Show data type of column.
Foreign key connector end points to associated column (default false) Attach foreign key connector end points to the column associated.
Align column properties (default true) Align the column properties, so that columns in entity will appear tidier.
Show extra column properties (default true) Show extra column properties such as Nullable.
Show row grid line within compartment of Entities/Views in ERD (diagram type-based) (default true) Show grid lines between row within Entities and Database Views in ERD.
Show row grid line within compartment of Entities/Views/Classes in ORM Diagram (diagram type-based) (default true) Show grid lines between row within Entities, Database Views and Classes in ORM.
Warning on create ORM-Persistable Class in default package (default true) Warn when creating ORM Persistable class at root.
Show schema name in ERD: ${name}.${tableName} (default true) Show schema name, if defined, for entities.
Column Constraints Presentation
  • Symbol
  • Text
  • Icon
Foreign key arrow head size
  • Very Small
  • Small
  • Medium (default)
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • Jumbo
  • Colossal
Primary Key Pattern Pattern of primary keys that will be applied when synchronizing Class Diagram to Entity Relationship Diagram, which may create primary key.
Primary Key Constraint Patterm Pattern of primary key constraints.
Foreign Key Pattern Pattern of foreign keys.
Foreign Key Relationship Pattern Pattern of foreign key relationships.
Index Pattern Pattern of indexes that are defined via the entity specification.
Unnamed Index Pattern Pattern of indexes that are defined by checking the "Index" property in a column's specification, or to right click on a column/columns and select Index from the popup menu.
Many To Many Join Table The delimiter to use in connecting the name of the from and to entities when creating a join table in between.
ERD & ORM Options details

Auto Column

Option Name Description
Default column type Define column type that will be applied to newly created columns.
Default column nullable Specify if a newly created column is nullable.
Auto set column type by name (default true) Automatically set column type and default value when the name user entered for a column matches with one of those listed in the table followed.
Auto Column Type of ERD & ORM Options details

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