Applying design pattern

You can apply a previously defined design pattern into your diagram and modify it to make it fit into your design. To apply a design pattern:

  1. Open an existing diagram where you want to apply a design pattern or create a new diagram.
  2. Right click on diagram, select Utilities > Apply Design Pattern... from the pop-up menu.
  3. In Design Pattern window, you can see a list of defined patterns, select the desired pattern from the list.
    Select pattern
    Select pattern
    If you have a .pat file, click Add button to import into the list.
  4. For searching a specify shape on the defined pattern, select the shape from the drop-down menu of Diagram Element to filter the list.
    Searching an element
    Searching an element
    You can also click on the shape or select a diagram element from the Diagram Element combo box to filter the list.
  5. Finally, click OK button. The pattern will be applied to the diagram.

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