Visual Paradigm Database Management Guides


Reverse Engineering ERD from Database

Reverse engineering ERD from existing database. By visualizing a database schema in ERD, you can re-edit it and patch changes back to the database. You will learn how the reverse engineering of ERD works in this article.


Reverse Engineering ERD from DDL

Visual Paradigm supports reverse engineering ERD from .ddl and .sql. You will learn how the reverse engineering of ERD works in this article.


Generating Database from ERD

Once you have designed your database with ERD, you can generate the actual database from it, or to generate the DDL file for manual database creation. This page shows you how to generate database from ERD.


Patching Design Changes to Database

Compare your ER design and database, and patch the differences to your database accordingly. This article will show you how database patching works.


Copying SQL Statements from Entities in ERD

Copy the SQL statements you need in creating, altering and deleting data in database. In this page you will see how the copy SQL feature works.

19. Synchronizing object model and data model Table of Contents 1. Reverse Engineering ERD from Database

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