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Finding a Sequence Diagram software? Try Visual Paradigm, an easy to use UML diagrammer that features a large variety of diagrams such as UML, BPMN, DFD, ERD, ArchiMate and more. Its intuitive diagram editor makes the creating and communication of Sequence Diagram fast and simple.

Your Challenges

  • Some of my sequence diagrams are created to visualize the interactions that satisfy a use case or to support a class. I need to way to associate the behavioral model with other models such as use case, class, etc.
  • I need an easy-to-use sequence diagram solution. Most of the UML tools in the market are hard to use.
  • I work with others in designing software and I need a team solution that can version our design and allows us to work collaboratively and concurrently.
  • I want to visualize the code logic with sequence diagram but it is way too time consuming to draw the diagrams one by one.
  • Part of our team work on Windows, while the rest work on Linux and Mac. I need a cross platform modeling solution.

Our Solution

Sequence Diagram tool

  • UML compatibility: Visual Paradigm supports UML 2.0 diagrams and notations.
  • As a cross platform UML modeler, you can create Sequence Diagram in Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Besides Sequence Diagram, our UML editor also allows you to create other UML diagrams as well as other standards such as BPMN, DFD, ERD, ArchiMate and more. It's so complete and you just need a single visual modeling solution!
  • Create sequence diagrams as independent design artifact, or create as sub-diagrams of use cases, classes and other model elements for details visusalization.

Intuitive and powerful UML editor

  • Our intuitive UML diagram editor allows you to construct sequence diagram entirely with drag and drop. No matter you want to create messages or to move them, just drag and drop.
  • Want to add messages in the middle of your flow? No problem! The sweeper and magnet features help you add and remove space in the middle of your diagram with a simple sweep.
  • The alignment tool ensures your diagram look good by keeping your shapes and messages appear at the more precise location.
  • The activation bars can be automatically resized based on your gesture. No manually touch up is needed.

Many supporting features

  • Report creation: Easily construct UML reports or any kind of documents with the help of our drag-and-drop Doc. Composer. Export your report to various report formats such as Word, PDF or web page (HTML).
  • Image exporting: A wide variety of image formats are supported. Export your design to image and communicate with others easily.
  • Code engineering: Ever thought of generating a sequence diagram from source code? Visual Paradigm supports reverse engineering of sequence diagram from Java!

Strong team collaboration support

  • Publish your sequence diagram online so that people approved can view the design online, any time and from anywhere.
  • The comment tool allows people to, not only view the design but to leave comment right on the diagram.
  • Versioning system helps to keep revisions for design changes.
  • Built-in visual comparison tool allows the comparison of different phases of sequence diagrams. You can easily see the rationale behind changes through the commit log. You can even revert and roll back changes.
  • The branch and merge mechanism makes it simple to make independent and isolated changes.
  • Team members can work together on the same design through the collaboration tools. They can commit and update changes without worry about conflicted changes because we our collaboration engine features a smart conflict resolution tool that can detects conflicts and assists you in resolving conflicts.

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