Free UML Tool
  • Draw all UML diagrams
  • Comfortable modeling environment
  • Flexible export options
Best ER Diagram Tool
  • Intuitive ER Diagram editor
  • Generate database from ER diagram tool
  • Instantly form ER Diagram from database
UML Sequence Diagram Tool
  • Draw UML sequence diagram with simple drag-and-drop
  • Organize sequence diagram based on use cases
  • Export sequence diagram to image, document or printout
<span class='notranslate'>Eclipse UML</span> plugin
  • Draw all UML diagrams in Eclipse
  • Generate and reverse Java source
  • Generate Hibernate mapping layer
Requirements Gathering Software
  • Use case management with Use Case List
  • Use case scenario
  • Scenario-based wireframing
  • Web, Desktop, Android, iPad and iPhone wireframing
Best Use Case Tool
  • UML use case diagram
  • Edit use case scenario
  • Use case driven interaction modeling
Best ERD Tool
  • Easy-to-use ERD tool
  • Intuitive database view editor
  • Produce data dictionary in seconds
Best Sequence Diagram Tool
  • Define who will initiate the interaction
  • Draw the first message to a sub-system
  • Draw message to other sub-systems
  • Draw reply message to actor
  • Send/Respond to anonymous actors
Use Case Modeling
  • Capture functional requirements
  • Design use case scenarios
  • Design acceptant testing procedure
Database Design
  • Draw Entity relationship diagram (ERD)
  • Generate and reverse database
  • Generate Hibernate mapping and Java code
Express UML Tool
  • Design Software Systems with Industry Standard UML
  • Snap Your Fingers, Generate System Specifications
  • Perform Impact Analysis, Scout for Potential "Potholes"
Full Featured UML Tool
  • Support All UML Diagrams
  • Easy to Use
  • Run on All Platforms
  • Flexible Output Options
  • Team Collaboration
Wireframe Tool for Better UX
  • Benefits of wireframing
  • Drag-and-Drop wireframing
  • Rich set of wireframe elements
  • Polished wireframe slideshow
  • Wireframes for Web, Android, iPhone, iPad and Desktop Apps
Easy-to-use BPMN Tools
  • Full-featured BPMN designer
  • Glossary management
  • Cloud repository of your process design
BPMN <span>x</span> UML.
  • Easy to use BPMN designer
  • Sophisticated UML designer
  • Cloud storage of your UML design
UML Tool
  • Full-featured UML modeling software
  • UML modeling on any O/S
  • Cloud storage of your UML design
UML Tool for Eclipse
  • Draw any UML diagram, in Eclipse
  • Build database application, with Hibernate (ORM)
  • Design software together
End-to-End Hibernate Tool
  • Easy to use class diagram editor
  • Support code generation and database generation
  • Integrate with your favorite IDEs
Database Design Tool
  • Intuitive database design editor
  • Produce data dictionary effortlessly
  • Share your ERD - JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, MS World, HTML

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