Eclipse UML plugin that generates Java and Hibernate

  • All-in-one IDE

    All-in-one IDE

    Develop software with your favorite (IDE) that empowers visual modeling, round-trip engineering and Hibernate generation in one unified platform.

  • Fully Support UML 2.6

    Fully Support UML 2.6

    Support up-to-date UML diagrams and notations for structure and behavior modeling and design.

  • Java code round-trip engineering

    Java code round-trip engineering

    Perform either forward engineering from class diagram to code, or reverse engineering from java code to class diagram in just a matter of a few clicks.

  • Object-Relational Mapping with Hibernate

    Object-Relational Mapping with Hibernate

    Modeling with UML for automatic generation of database schema, hibernate mapping & java source code on the fly.