Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram

Automatically reverse Java source code to UML sequence diagram. Drill down to unlimited level of method call in sequence diagram.

  1. Step 1 - Reverse Java source

    Select the source folder of Java source code to reverse.

  2. Step 2 - Select the operation to visualize

    Expand the class hierarchy to find out the class and operation (i.e. method call) to visualize in a sequence diagram. Its code body will then be analyzed. A sequence diagram will be formed afterwards.

  3. Step 3 - Touch-up

    The selected operation is being visualized in diagram. Tidy up the diagram content by moving the lifelines and sequence messages around.

  4. Step 4 - Drill down the interaction

    Expand the sequence diagram by analyzing a call further. The chosen operation will be analyzed. Methods calls made within the selected call, if any, will then be visualized in the same sequence diagram.