Introducing Team Collaboration with VP Online

The Visual Paradigm product family has two main products: Visual Paradigm and Visual Paradigm Online ("VP Online"). Visual Paradigm is a traditional desktop application that can be downloaded and run in your operating system, while Visual Paradigm Online is a modern zero-configuration service that runs on a web browser.

Although the two products are fundamentally different, VP Desktop relies on the web technologies provided by VP Online in order for the team collaboration features to function. In this article we will have a quick look at these features.

Team collaboration features

Online cloud repository of members and projects

By signing up an VP Online account, your team will be given a cloud-based repository where members and projects are organized and accessible. Team members can keep their projects and related artifacts in the cloud, and have them accessible any time and from anywhere.

Work collaboratively and concurrently

Team members simply open a project from the cloud repository, start working in Visual Paradigm, and then commit the changes back to the repository, and that's it. Changes are then accessible to all the other team members. You don't have to maintain any server or remote drive or perform any manual actions to get works shared among the team. Just have your team focus on their work and let us do everything else for you.

Access globally

Let everyone work on the same project concurrently without overwriting each other works. Access to the most up-to-date design regardless of the team members' geographic locations.


Get immediate response from clients about the design - your client just need a web browser to post comments and be notified for any updates of the design.


Your works are kept in the cloud on revision base. It is easy to recover deleted model elements from an old revisions. We will also backup all your projects daily to prevent permanent data loss.


Communications between Visual Paradigm and VP Online are protected by SSL data encryption (same technology as online banks).

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