Team Collaboration Guide

Last Modified: Jun 25, 2024

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Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction to Team Collaboration

1. Introduction to Team Collaboration

Part II. Visual Paradigm Online

1. Introducing Visual Paradigm Online

2. Subscribing to VP Online

3. Administration

Part III. Teamwork Server Guide (on-premises) configuration

1. Introducing Teamwork Server

2. Installation and Uninstallation

3. Server administration

4. Starting and stopping server

5. Installing Windows service

6. Upgrading to new version

Part IV. Client operations

1. Client operations

Part V. PostMania

1. PostMania Overview and Setup

2. PostMania - Member Guide

3. PostMania - Viewer Guide

Part VI. Tasifier

1. Introducing Tasifier

2. Account and Profile

3. Project

4. Task Pool

5. Task

6. My Tasks

7. Inbox

8. Due date and overdue

9. Tag

10. Tools

11. Tasifier in Visual Paradigm

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