Overview of Visual Paradigm's team collaboration support

Key features

Central repository of design

Keep and manage your projects as well as the related reference files (known as Teamwork Files) in a central repository.

Keep revisions for your work

Whenever a team member has performed a 'commit', a new 'revision' is created and stored in the repository. You can easily browse or restore from your work done earlier.

Work collaboratively and concurrently

When several team members need to work on the same project, version control is always a major concern. The time and effort spent on merging the works of each team member is very expensive, and is very risky that the previous works may be overwritten by the new changes. Our teamwork mechanism helps merge changes made by team members. Whenever contradicted changes are made by two members, you will be prompted for a resolution.

Share your design with business stakeholders

The PostMania feature allows you to share diagram online. You can share your business design with business stakeholder, or to put your database design online so that developers can read it as a reference in system development.


Create tasks and keep track of the progress of project with Tasifier, a task management tool.

Cloud base vs Self-hosted (On premise)

Visual Paradigm's team collaboration support comes with two options - cloud and self-hosted. They differ in the way how your work is stored. By connecting to Visual Paradigm Online, your work will be stored securely in our cloud repository. You can access your work any time and anywhere that has an active Internet connection. The self-hosted solution allows you to host our server and repository at your site locally. This option is welcomed by many enterprise.

In this guide there are separate parts and chapters for VPository and Teamwork Server.

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