Basic Team Collaboration Features in Visual Paradigm

Check out the team collaboration features supported by Visual Paradigm.


Checkout and open project

Checkout project is a process that you download a managed project from repository to your computer and start working with.



Commit refers to the process of uploading local modifications to the server.


Commit a part of a project

Other than committing the whole project, you may commit specific model elements/diagrams to Teamwork.



Update is the process of refreshing your current copy by merging changes that others have made and committed previously to server.


Revert local modification

Since VP teamwork collaboration allows the feature of revert, you can undo all modifications you made in the local project copy when the changes haven't been committed yet.


Import project to server

Import project refers to the process of adding project file in server so that team members can check that out and start working on it.

2. Teamwork Client in Visual Paradigm Table of Contents 1. Checkout and open project

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