Making shape non-selectable

If you find it annoying to move some shapes carelessly or select some shapes accidentally, the function of selectable/non-selectable would be your ideal trouble-shooter. This page is going to teach you how to make shapes non-selectable or even change them back to selectable with only few clicks.

Changing the shape to non-selectable

  1. Right click on the selected shapes, uncheck Selection > Selectable from the pop-up menu.
    Selected shape to be non-selectable
    Selected shape to be non-selectable
  2. After the shape is non-selectable, click the shape cannot make it to be selected. Neither will the shape to be selected by mouse dragging on diagram.
  3. Therefore, the non-selectable shape(s) will not be moved when other shapes are moved.

Changing the shape to selectable again

To make the shape selectable again, right click on the non-selectable shape and select Selectable from the pop-up menu.

Select Selectable
Select Selectable

Setting all shapes to selectable or non-selectable

To makes all shapes on the diagram to be selectable or non-selectable, right click on the diagram background, select Diagram Content and then select either Make All Shapes Selectable or Make All Shapes Non-Selectable from the pop-up menu.

Select Make All Shapes Selectable
Select Make All Shapes Selectable

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