Advanced modeling techniques

This chapter covers less frequently used or comparatively complex modeling techniques.


Sweeper and magnet

Sweeper and magnet are handy tools for moving a group of shapes back and forth.


Mouse gestures

You can create shapes, connect shapes, or perform certain operations through pressing and dragging your right mouse button. You can gain more information in the Mouse gestures page.


Jumping to shape

When you are looking for a shape, a diagram or a model element, you can make use of the jump to feature to enter its name and jump to it immediately. It's like a commonly-known search function, but a faster approach.


Grouping diagram elements

You can more and format shapes by grouping them together. You will see how to group diagram elements on a diagram.


Show/hide diagram elements

You can optionally hide away some of the diagram elements on a diagram, or hide specific type of elements.



Layer provides a logical shape division in diagram. For example, a comment layer for annotation shapes. You can hide, lock and set active to a layer.


Making shape non-selectable

You can make shape non-selectable to avoid accidental movements for particular shapes. This is particular helpful when trying to move shapes in a container like package, without moving the package by mistake.


Showing model element in multiple diagrams (Context -based modeling)

A model element can have multiple views. In this page you can see how to make use of drag and drop to create multiple views for a model element.


Using overview diagram

Overview diagram is best used to illustrate the relationship between diagrams, hence the content (e.g. interaction) they represent.


Changing model element type

Shows you how to convert the type of a model element


Selecting contained shapes with InstantFreeze

InstantFreeze is a diagramming technique that allows you to temporarily freeze a container shape. By freezing a container shape, you cannot move and edit it until unfreeze. This page shows you how to apply InstantFreeze.

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