Resource referencing

To include more information you can link to both internal and external material as reference. In this chapter, you will see how to refernece to shape, diagram, external file, folder and URL, as well as how to add sub-diagram.


Reference to external resources

File, folder and URL can be attached to a shape as references. This page will teach you how to do.


Reference to diagrams, shapes and model elements

Additional references can be attached to shapes and diagrams through References in Visual Paradigm. After that, you can open and view the inserted references.


Diagram-based reference mapping editor

Have an overview of references added to a design. with the help of Reference Mapping editor.


Elaborating model element with sub-diagram

Sub-diagram helps you describe a model element in detail by making use of a separate diagram.


Showing model indicator

To indicate that a shape has sub-diagram or reference added, you can show the indicators on diagram. The indicators will show in exported image, too.


In/Out flows in sub-diagram

In order to keep the flow flows from parent diagram to sub-diagram, you can make use of the in and out flow objects in sub-diagram. This page will show you how to work with in/out flows.

3. Freehand shapes Table of Contents 1. Reference to external resources

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