In/Out Flows in sub-diagram

Diagrams types like Business Process Diagram (BPD)(UML) State Machine Diagram and (UML) Activity Diagram are mainly for modeling 'flows'. You draw BPD for representing business workflow, state machine diagarm for representing state transition and activity diagram for representing flow of system actions.When you create sub-diagrams from these diagram types, you probably want the flow to continue flowing from the parent diagram to sub-diagram and from the sub-diagram back to the parent diagram. In order to keep the flow flows, you can make use of the in and out flow objects in sub-diagram.

In Flow and Out Flow objects in a sub-diagram (BPD Example)

In Flow and Out Flow objects in a sub-diagram (BPD Example)

Instead of creating one yourself, the in/out flow objects will be created for you automatically in the following situations:

  • Business Process Diagram - Creating a sub process BPD from a Sub-Process
  • State Machine Diagram - Creating a sub state machine (diagram) from an Submachine state
  • Actiivty Diagram - Creating Activity/State Machine as the 'behavior' of an Action

By performing any of these steps, you will see the in/out flow objects in the sub-diagarm, provided that a flow exist.

Reading In/Out Flows

An In Flow
An in flow
No. Description
1 The initial node of the sub-diagram, which is conceptually connected from the parent diagarm.
2 The model element that connects to the parent element of the sub-diagarm.
3 The connector that connects to the parent element of the sub-diagram.
Description of an in flow

Modeling with In/Out Flows

To represent that a flow flows from the parent diagarm to content in sub-diagarm, simply connect the initial node with the sub-diagarm content. When the flow ends, connect the final element with the end node.

Hiding/Showing In/Out Flows

To hide in/out flows in sub-diagram, right click on it and select Hide In/Out Flows from the popup menu.

Hiding In and Out Flows
Hiding In and Out Flows

Going back to the parent diagram

To go back to the parent diagram, simply click on the model element link inside the in/out flow, like this:

Go back to parent diagram
Go back to parent diagram

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