Appearance Options

Option Name Description
Grid - Show grid

(default false) Show grid lines on diagram

Grid - Color Color of grid lines.
Grid - Width Determines the horizontal spaces between grid lines.
Grid - Height Determines the vertical spaces between grid lines.
Grid - Snap to grid (default true) When checked, shapes will be docked to the closest grid line when being created/moved. Otherwise, shapes can be moved freely as if the grid does not exist.
Enable diagram alignment guide (default true) Show alignment guide when moving shapes.
Global Palette Option - Show name
(default true) Determines whether the name of items will be shown in the palette.
Global Palette Option - Expand group
(default false) Determines whether the group will be expanded to display all items.
Show Hidden Layer Indicator
  • Yes - When move the mouse over a shape, the hidden layer indicator is shown
  • No - The hidden layer indicator isn't shown even when move the mouse over a shape
  • Prompt -Ask if users want to show hidden layer indicator when move the mouse over a shape
Glossary Terms
  • Highlight - Underline the text in shape name or documentation if it is a term.
  • Specify color - The color of glossary term highlight
  • Following Shape Foreground Color - Use the same color as the shape foreground
Appearance Options details

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