Environment Options

Option Name Description
Shape Selection Detection
  • Inside selection area - (default) When selecting a range of shape, only shapes that are completely inside the selection range are included in selection
  • Overlapped with selection area - When selecting a range of shape, shapes that are partly or completely covered by the selection range are included in selection
Copy as XML with RTF style
  • Yes - When copy Use Case, the rich text format of Use Case Details will also be copied (size of copied content will increase considerably)
  • No - When copy Use Case, Use Case Details will be copied as plain text
  • Prompt - Ask if user want to copy rich text for Use Case Details when copying XML
Delay until showing Quick Preview in Diagram Navigator (seconds)
  • Never show - Never show Quick Preview when moving mouse cursor over diagram node in Diagram Navigator
  • 1.0 - 3.5 - The number of seconds that a Quick Preview will disappear after moving the mouse cursor out of a diagram
Default Copy cction
  • Within Visual Paradigm - (default) When triggering the hotkey  for Copy (Ctrl-C, by default), it will perform copying within Visual Paradigm
  • Copy to Clipboard as Image (JPG) - When triggering the hotkey  for Copy (Ctrl-C, by default), it will perform copying as JPG image
  • Copy to Clipboard as Image (EMF) - When triggering the hotkey  for Copy (Ctrl-C, by default), it will perform copying as EMF image
Show copy and paste tips Check to cause the help contents to be displayed when you paste a view on a diagram.
Copy as image with frame
  • Unspecified - (default) Prompt for adding a frame or a border when copying shapes as image
  • None - Do not add border nor frame to image when copy shapes as image
  • Copy with frame - Add a frame around image to show a border with the name of diagram appear at top left of diagram
  • Copy with border - Add a thin border around image
Show shape content when dragging (default true) Show the shape content such as shape name when dragging shape.
Show Logical View selector when naming new diagram When there is at least one logical view in your project, you can optionally select the logical view to store a diagram during the creation of diagram. If you want to turn this option off, uncheck here.
Show diagram element tooltip Show the tooltip of shape when moving mouse pointer over shape
Prompt for clearing undo history before applying design pattern (default true) Prompt for applying design pattern even when there are remaining undo or redo due to the undo and redo records will be cleared after applying design pattern.
Enable Mouse Gesture Mouse gesutre enables you to create and connect elements by forming a gesture with the right mouse button.
Number of stereotypes shown in popup menu
You can assign stereotypes to a shape through its popup menu. This option determines the number of stereotypes to display in that popup menu.
Auto expand diagram borders Sometimes, the diagram border may be wrongly calculated. You may click the Reset to default button to reset the range of diagram border.
Undo limit
The number of available undo that can be performed. The lower the limit, the higher the application performance. Actions that beyond the undo limit will not be able to be undo. If you want to have no limit, check Unlimited.
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