Adding sub-diagrams and references to user stories

Once the requirements are gathered, development team can proceed with designing and implementing the user stories, following the planning of sprint. Throughout the process, you can add sub-diagrams or reference material to user stories to help designing the system. A sample usage would be to draw a sub-activity diagram to visualize the desired behavior of a user story.

Adding sub-diagrams to a user story

  1. Locate the user story first. Here are some of the typical ways to locate a story.
    • If you own the URL of a user story, open the URL by selecting Diagram > Link from the toolbar. Paste the URL in breadcrumb in press Enter.
    • To locate a user story in a particular use case, open the use case by selecting UeXceler > Use Case first. Find the story under the User Stories tab on the right hand side.
    • To locate a user story in a sprint, open the sprint from the UeXceler > Sprint page and find the story there.
    • You can also find a user story in the UeXceler > User Story page. Note that if your story was added into a sprint, you have to enable the In Sprint option in the Advanced Filter
  2. Open the story by double clicking on it.
  3. Open the Design tab.
    Open the Design tab
    Open the Design tab
  4. Click on Add Sub Diagrams. You can add a new diagram as sub-diagram by selecting New Diagram... from the popup menu. Then, choose the type of diagram to create in the New Diagram window and click OK to confirm. Alternatively, you can add an existing diagram as a sub-diagram by selecting Existing Diagrams... from the popup menu.
    Add a new diagram as sub-diagram
    Add a new diagram as sub-diagram
    Sub-diagrams added are all listed in the Design tab. You can double click on a thumbnail to open the sub-diagram.

Adding references to a user story

Supplementary resources can be attached to a user story by adding references, such as inserting a model element, a diagram, a file, a folder and a URL.

  1. In the User Story tab of UeXceler, double click on the desired user story to open it.
  2. Open the References tab.

    Open the References tab
  3. Select UeXceler > Add References from the toolbar, and then the type of reference to add.

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