SDE for JDeveloper Wins in the Oracle Magazine Editors' Choice Award 2004!

Visual Paradigm Development Team was awarded Oracle Magazine's Oracle JDeveloper Extensions Developer of the Year 2004. Oracle Magazine - "Visual Paradigm's JDeveloper Extension enables developers to do a wide range of UML-related activities from directly within Oracle JDeveloper, including requirement capturing, domain analysis, and code round-trip engineering between UML diagrams and source code."

SDE for JDeveloper (SDE-JD) is an extension for JDeveloper 10g. SDE-JD provides an intuitive visual modeling environment for developers to perform requirement capturing, analysis and design with UML. SDE-JD also automates tedious tasks such as transforming design to implementation, keeping the technical documentation up-to-date (code to model synchronization) and advanced reverse engineering.

SDE for JDeveloper offers the following benefits:

  • Intuitive navigation between code and visual model
  • Powerful UML PDF/HTML Report Generator
  • Real-time or on demand, Round-Trip incremental model and source code synchronization
  • Superior visual modeling environment
  • Full UML notation support
  • Sophisticated Automatic Diagram Layout
  • Textual Analysis and CRC Card Support
SDE-JD - Oracle Magazine Editors' Choice Award 2004!

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