BPMN Artifact Types Explained

In business process modeling, BPMN Artifacts can be used to include additional information about a process. There are two types of BPMN Artifacts: Group and Text Annotation. You can use them to organize tasks and sub-processes or to add comments/notes in describing process elements.

BPMN Artifacts Group and Text Annotation

The BPMN modeler of Visual Paradigm allows you to draw your own BPMN diagram by using different kinds of BPMN notations, including Artifacts. In this article, we will explain the different kinds of BPMN 2.0 Artifacts you can use in modeling business processes with BPMN.

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What is BPMN?

BPMN, short for Business Process Modeling Notation, is a graphical notation for specifying business processes or workflows. It’s widely adopted in business process mapping (BPM) and business process modeling for creating process workflows or business process flowcharts that can be easily understood by different stakeholders, regardless of their background and skill level.

What is BPMN Example

BPMN Group

BPMN Group is a visual container to use in creating informal, arbitrary grouping for elements in a business process diagram. You can create a Group to contain elements that belong together based on some common characteristic.

BPMN Group

The figure below shows an example use of BPMN Group. Note that a Group can stretch across multiple pools in surrounding process elements. Usually, you need this when you want to represent that a group of BPMN Activities exist within a distributed business-to-business transaction.

BPMN Group Example

BPMN Text Annotation

A BPMN Text Annotation is simply a note – a note to process element or to the business process itself. You can use Text Annotation to include addition information to flow objects. Because Text Annotation is presented directly on the diagram, readers can easily see the information without the need to drill-down into the specification of elements.

BPMN Text Annotation

The example below shows the use of BPMN Text Annotation. It tells the readers that the format of survey report is specified in a file REF-49043B.

BPMN Text Annotation Example

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