What are the Three Amigos Development Strategy in Agile?

Three amigos refers to the primary perspectives to examine an increment of work before (business), during (development), and after development (testing), where for example, a Business Analyst, developers, tester and go over each story in an informal kick-off session to give a common shared vision of what will be delivered and helps ensure that it is the voice of the team rather than just a single opinion. As well as helping to prevent domination by one area, the 3 Amigos helps communication between the disciplines and promotes understanding of:

  • Collaborative Requirements – What problem are we trying to solve;
  • Ready for Development Consensus – How might we build a solution to solve that problem;
  • Acceptance for Definition of Done – What is needed to get the story into “Done”.

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In regards to business, you need to know what problem it is you’re looking to solve; with development, you need to know how to build a solution; and when testing, you need to be aware of all aspects which may occur in the software delivery process. It’s also good practice for to review increments of the product that have been implemented to make sure it’s correct from those different perspectives.

Agile - Three Amigos Development
Agile – Three Amigos Development

The Role of 3 Amigos

The objective of the three Amigo meeting is to bridge down the gaps in the understanding of the Business Specifications by three Amigos.

Business Analyst

The Business Analyst makes sure that everyone in the team has the same understanding and expectation from the User Stories.


The developers discuss their understanding of the requirements and what it takes to build the Increment.

Since the health of the software is always measured by its high-quality standards, the quality assurance team elaborates on the functional and non-functional aspects of the software increment and details out the test cases identified to test the Increment.


The Test and other team members help in enriching the test cases by finding edge cases and missing scenarios. They also make sure that all the Acceptance Criteria are met by the test cases.

By sharing the different perspectives on a project, the Three Amigos can raise their own concerns and discuss answers in real time.

Benefits of Three Amigo’s Approach

The 3 Amigos’ Strategy can have a massive impact on the effectiveness both individually and as a team, and on the quality and maintainability of your Scrum projects, increasing your team’s agility, adaptability and innovation. Embedding such strategy into your agile process leads to continuous improvement and embracing the most important values and principles of the Agile Manifesto and likely yields the following benefits.

  • Sharing and building an understanding of the SDLC
  • Collaboration in sprint meetings and sprint reviews
  • Identifies confusion and misunderstandings early, allowing for faster delivery
  • Ensures developers, as a team, discuss the increment of work needed
  • Helps go over the acceptance criteria and other attributes.
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