Scrum Checklist for Every Scrum Teams

Scrum Checklist for Every Scrum Teams

The Scrum Checklist has been used for years created by Henrik Kniberg at Crisp in Stockholm in the Agile field. It is a simple tool to help you get started with Scrum, or assess your current implementation of Scrum. Here is a list of Scrum Checklist for your team to check whether the Scrum process is properly conducted.
scrum checklist

1.Scrum Team Goals

  • Delivering working, tested software every 4 weeks or less
  • The product contains what the business needs most
  • Agile process is continuously improving

2.Scrum Basics and key issues

  • Clear recognizable Product Owner (PO)
  • Timeboxed iterations
  • Daily scrum is held every day, on a fixed time and place
  • PO has a Product Backlog
  • Team has a Sprint Backlog
  • Team has a Definition of Done
  • Sprint planning meetings are held
  • Iterations are of fixed length
  • Demo takes place after every sprint
  • Retrospective happens after every sprint (with all team members)
  • Team members sit together with max 9 people per team

3.Recommended but not always necessary

  • Team has a Scrum Master
  • Team has a sprint burndown chart
  • T-Shape skills for most of the team members
  • print Speed is measured
  • Team members are not stuck in specific roles
  • Team members possess skills in order to get Backlog items to Done
  • Everyone in the team will participate in the Agile estimation
  • PO is available when during the team estimate

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