What is Tasifier?

Tasifier is a task management tool designed for software development teams to manage software development activities. Like PostMania, Tasifier is also a tool of VPository and Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server. Tasifier provides a place for team members of VPository and Visual Paradigm Teamwork Server to plan, store, manage and keep track of development activities. Tasifier is regarded as a task management solution "developed for software development team", mainly because its capability to run inside Visual Paradigm, a software design and development product of Visual Paradigm. When Tasifier is run inside Visual Paradigm, team members can perform design and task management within a unified environment - the modeling environment.

The task management software features the following:

  • Task planning and assignment
  • Task grouping (through Task Pool)
  • Task categorizing (through tags)
  • Task prioritizing
  • Task monitoring
  • Comment tracking

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Chapter 1. Introducing Tasifier Table of Contents 2. Interface overview