Interface overview

Tasifier is divided into three panes - Left Pane, Main Pane and Task Pane. While the Left Pane and Main Pane appear all the time, the Task Pane is visible only when viewing the details of a task.

The three panes in Tasifier
The three panes in Tasifier
No. Name Description
1 Left Pane
Provides different ways to browse tasks in Tasifier.
2 Main Pane
List tasks base on the selection on Left Pane.
3 Task Pane
Task details and comments.
Description of the three Tasifier panes

Left Pane

The Left Pane provides you with different ways to browse tasks and access to some key features. You can browse tasks assigned to you (i.e. My Tasks), check inbox, browse overdue tasks, tagged tasks, tasks in a task pool and tasks assigned to a specific member.

The Left Pane
The Left Pane
No. NameDescription
1 Profile Photo Your profile photo and name. You can edit your profile by clicking on it, or by clicking on the arrow button next to your name and selecting Edit Profile from the popup menu.
2 My Tasks Click on it to list out the tasks that are assigned to you.
Inbox Click on it to check the new or old messages Tasifier has sent you.
4 Overdue Click on it to list out the tasks that are overdue, due tomorrow, due this week or due next week.
5 Tags You can create a tag by clicking on the add button, or to list tasks by tag by clicking on TAGS and then selecting a tag to list task.
6 Active Project The name of the active project is shown here. You can switch to another project by clicking on the project name and selecting the project. The list of task pools and members will be updated based on your selection.
7 Task Pools A Task Pool is a logical collection of tasks. The Task Pools available in the active project are listed here. You can click on a Task Pool to list out the tasks in the Main Pane.
8 Members The profile photo of members who are added into the project are listed here. You can click on a profile photo to see the tasks that are assigned to that member.
Description of Left Pane

Main Pane

By selecting in Left Pane a way to browse tasks, you will see the relevant tasks listed in the Main Pane, with one row per task.

Depending on your selection made in the Left Pane, you may be allowed to create new task, sort task and filter task by clicking on the related button on top of the task list.

Task Pane

Task Pane appears only when a task is selected in Main Pane. You can see all the details of a task in the Task Pane, including the task description, attachments, sub-tasks, comments, followers, etc. Task Pane is also the place where you can add comments to and follow a task.

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