What is a Task Pool?

A Task Pool is simply a 'pool of tasks'. It stores a collection of similar or inter-related tasks. Here are some sample uses of Task Pool:

  • Create a Task Pool "Meeting 2014-05-01" to store all the tasks related to the meeting, such as to book meeting room, contact attendances, prepare agenda, etc.
  • Create a Task Pool "Version 3.0" to store all the development activities related to version 3.0 of your product.
  • Create a Task Pool "Screen Designs" to store all the tasks about creating wireframes or any kind of screen mock-up related to your system.
  • Create a Task Pool "Analysis and Design" to store all the tasks that are created within the Analysis and Design phase.

One Task Pool can store unlimited number of tasks, while one task can only be stored in one Task Pool.

As a good practice, we recommend our users create Task Pool to manage their tasks, although it is allowed to create tasks without being contained by any Task Pool.

Project and Task Pool

You can have multiple projects and each project can have multiple Task Pools. Task Pool is project-wide. If you want to have the "same" Task Pool available in different projects, please create them individually. "Same" here means the same name. Task Pools cannot be shared among projects.

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