Task Pool


What is a Task Pool?

A Task Pool is simply a 'pool of tasks'. It stores a collection of similar or inter-related tasks. In this page, you will learn what a Task Pool is.


Creating and editing Task Pool

Task Pool can be created from the left pane of Tasifier. In this page, you will learn how to create and edit a Task Pool in Tasifier.


Closing Task Pool

When all the tasks in a Task Pool are completed and closed, and if there won't be any new tasks, you can close the Task Pool. This page details the steps needed to close a Task Pool.


Viewing tasks in Task Pool

You can list out the tasks stored in a Task Pool by selecting the Task Pool frmo the Left Pane. This page details the steps you need to view tasks in a Task Pool.


Abnormal Task Pool

Knowing that a Task Pool is a 'pool of tasks', a Task Pool without any task is not reasonable. Tasifier treats this as an abnormal case and indicate it as a warning next to name of the Task Pool.


Creating and configuring Task Pools' Statuses

Aside from the three default statuses of Task Pool, you can define your own statuses. In this article you will learn how to do this.

3. Enabling Tasifier for existing project Table of Contents 1. What is a Task Pool?

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