What is My Tasks?

My Tasks is the page where you can find all the tasks that are currently assigned to you. You can open My Tasks page from the Left Pane.

My Tasks
My Tasks

We recommend users check the My Tasks page every morning, review the active tasks and plan the tasks to be performed within the day. Three lists are set up for the categorizing of tasks, base on their status. The lists are namely To do, New and Pending. The To do list is for listing tasks that should be tackled within a short period of time. The New list is for listing tasks you recently received. The Pending list is for listing tasks that will be tackled later on.

Besides viewing tasks, the My Tasks page also serves the purpose of creating tasks for yourself. Usually, you create tasks in My Tasks page when you want to add a note to yourself, to remind yourself to do something. You are the sole responsible person for the task, not anyone else. Note that tasks created in My Tasks page do not belong to any Task Pool, although you can move them to a Task Pool later on.

Because the task list is automatically updated, some users like keeping My Tasks page opened throughout the day so that they can see the tasks assigned to them lately.

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