Using PostMania


What is PostMania?

PostMania allows system designers to share diagrams drawn by Visual Paradigm with others, letting the viewers view the diagrams and to give comments.


Sharing diagram

To share a diagram with someone means to let him or her view the shared diagram and to allow him or her to give comments on the diagram, or shapes in the diagram. This page shows you how to share diagram with others, in PostMania.


Getting notified of new posts

When someone, either a member or viewer, has created/replied a post in a diagram shared by you or you followed, or if you are selected to be the person to notify during a post is created, you will be notified. This page provides you with more details.


Posting and replying

If you want to say something about a diagram or its content, no matter for what purpose, can create a post in PostMania. This page shows you how to create a post and reply a post in PostMania.


Following post

If you want PostMania inform you that certain diagram has new/replied posts, or has been modified, you can follow that diagram. This page shows you how to follow diagram in PostMania.

Manage share diagrams (viewer based)

You may want to know if someone has viewed a diagram that you shared and if so, when did he/she last view the diagram. We will show you how to do this in this article.


Managing diagram viewers

You may want to know if someone has viewed a diagram that you shared. In this article, we will show you how to do this in a shared diagram.


Searching a post

When you want to read the conversation made earlier but have no idea where it is, you can search it out with a keyword. This article shows you how it works.

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