User interface

This chapter walks through the various panes and components in user interface.


Interface overview

A summary of the user interface you can see when Visual Paradigm is started.



The toolbar is a by default horizontal bar below the main menu bar which covers most of the core functions in Visual Paradigm.


Diagram editor

Diagram editor is where you can view and edit your diagram. In this page you will learn how to operate with the diagram editor.


Description pane

Description pane enables you to document project data such as model elements, shapes or diagrams either in written or verbal form. This page introduces to you the Visual Paradigm Description Pane.

Message pane

The Message Pane reports events that occur when using Visual Paradigm. In this page you will learn what the Message Pane is.


Project Browser

The Project Browser enables you to view and open the diagrams in your project, browse model structure, check and open the recently modified diagram, etc. You will learn more about Project Browser in this page.


Logical View

Visual Paradigm's logical view provides a hierarchical view of a project's structure. Users can customize a default logical view for their preference. In this page, it'll give you a brief on logical view's function and options.


1. Uninstalling Visual Paradigm Table of Contents 1. Interface Overview

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