How to Create Project in Visual Paradigm?

Visual Paradigm stores information like model elements and diagrams in a project. Therefore, you need to create a project before performing modeling. To create a project, select Project > New from the toolbar. The New Project window appears.

Create a new project
Create a new project

Overview of New Project window

An overview of New Project window
An overview of New Project window
No. Name Description
1 Name The name of project.
2 Author The person who create the project.
3 Data type set Lets you select the programming/scripting language for the project. The language you selected mainly affects the class modeling. For example, the selectable visibilities and primitive types vary among languages.
4 Description The project description. You can make use of the toolbar on top of the description pane to add formatted content.
5 Create Project Management Lookup Check it to automatically fill the project management lookups such as iteration, version, etc with default lookup values.
6 Create Blank Project
Click to create the project.
7 Cancel Click to cancel creating project, and close the window.
Description of New Project window

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