Working with projects

This chapter introduces how to create and save project. You will also see how to create model and organize diagrams with model.


Creating project

Visual Paradigm stores information like model elements and diagrams in a project. Therefore, you need to create a project before performing modeling.


Saving project

Visual Paradigm saves all project content to a single file, with file extension .vpp. The first time you save the project, the Save Project dialog box will appear. This page shows you  how to save a project.


Organizing diagrams by model explorer

You may create models in model explorer for organizing diagrams. This page tells you how to do this in detail.


Manage project properties window

Edit project properties like project name, author, company and project description.


Switch to diagram

You can open another diagram by double clicking on a tree node in Diagram Navigator. An alternative way is to open the Switch to Diagram dialog box, select diagram and click Activate Selected Diagram.

7. Logical view Table of Contents 1. Creating Project

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