Grid diagram

A grid is capable in listing model elements in tabular form, with them appear as row and properties as columns. This chapter will teaches you how to create and configure grid.


Creating grid diagram

The steps required to create a grid.

Creating element in grid

Shows you how to create model element in a grid.


Configuring property columns

As mentioned before, columns of model elements are presented as columns in grid. You will see how to add and remove property columns.


Setting the scope of grid

Shows you how to set the scope (e.g. project, model, diagram) of grid content.


Filtering and searching in grid

Filter model elements in grid by using filter and search.


Adding new property to model elements through grid

Tagged values allow designers to extend the vocabulary of standard modeling notations in order to create new model elements. This page will show you how to add a tagged value effectively in model element grid.

2. Using Glossary Grid Table of Contents 1. Creating grid diagram

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