Editing diagrams

In this chapter, you will learn not only how to create and edit diagrams, but also some of the frequently used functions that aid in diagramming, including resource-centric interface, using tagged values to add custom properties and spell checking.


Creating diagrams

You will see how to create a diagram, how to create shapes and draw freehand shapes.


Closing a diagram in Visual Paradigm

This article shows you how to close an opening diagram in Visual Paradigm


Model element and view

When model element is seen as data, view is a representation of data. This page tells you more about the relationship between model element and view.


Opening diagram

This article shows you how to open a diagram in Visual Paradigm. You can switch to a recently opened diagram, or open one from the Project Browser.


Master view and auxiliary view

Multiple views can be added for model elements. Among the views, one master view can be set. The rest are called auxiliary views. This page provides you with more information about views.


Resource centric interface

Resource-centric interface provides you with a set of function icons around shapes, for triggering functions in quick. You will learn how to make use of resource-centric interface to create and connect shapes, and know the differences between types of resource icons.


Tagged values

Tagged values can be used to add domain specific properties to shapes. There are several types of tag, such as text, integer, floating point number, etc. You will see how to create tagged values.


Spell checking

Spell checking is an automatically enabled feature for ensuring the accuracy of written content such as shape name and documentation. You will see how to configure spell checking.


Diagram specification window

In Visual Paradigm, you can customize the settings of each diagram you created in diagram specification window. Those settings include: general diagram information, grid setting, references, project management and comments.


Model element specification window

In Visual Paradigm, you can open a model element specification window to view and edit the element's details.


Showing visible description to diagram

Sometimes, you may want to have the description of element visible in diagram. This article shows you how to do this with a note shape.

1. Using Documentation Cabinet in Visual Paradigm Table of Contents 1. Creating diagrams

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