Present shape as primitive shape

In addition to the standard appearance of notations (e.g. stickman for actor, box for class, oval for use case, etc), here you have one more option - the primitive option. The primitive option enables you to present any kind of shape as simple rectangle/oval/rounded rectangle shape. You can specify custom text to such "primitive shape", which is particular useful for modeling for general-purposes. A sample use would be to present an actor that represents a computer as a rectangle, and then describe its role with custom text and have it presented on diagram.

To show a shape as primitive shape:

  1. Right click on the shape and select Presentation Options > Primitive Shape... from the popup menu.
  2. Adjust the appearance of shape by setting Shape type.
  3. Adjust the content of shape by setting Text. The Name option makes the name of shape presented. The Tagged value option enables you to display the value of a specific tag. You need to enter the tag name in the drop down menu, or select from the list of existing tags. The Custom option enables you to display whatever text you want.
  4. Click OK when ready.

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