General modeling techniques

This chapter covers all the general model techniques that increase the productivity of your work.


Automatic diagram layout

Helps you reorganize shapes and connectors on diagram to make diagram tidy. Several options are provided to produce different results of layout.


Fit shape size

To fit the size of shape against the update of shape content, or to fit manually.


Diagram element selection

Description of various ways of shape selection including traditional range selection and handi-selection.


Copy and paste

Common copy-and-paste editing features. Instead of pasting inside Visual Paradigm you can paste to external applications like MS Word, or to paste as XML to aid in interoperability.


Alignment guide

Helps to make sure shapes are aligned well through the visible guide line.


Reverse connector direction

To immediately reverse the direction of connector without deleting and recreating it.


Visualize related model elements

Shows you how to show related elements of a shape on a diagram.


Adding comments

Shows how to add comments to shapes or diagrams.


Pinning connector ends

By pinning a connector's end(s) you freeze their position and make them point to the desired position.


Align and distribute diagram elements

Describes the steps about aligning and distributing shapes.


Adjusting caption's position and angle in BPD

For BPMN event and gateway, their captions can be configured to show in specific orientation. You can also make it draggable (default not).


Zooming diagram

Magnify or diminish diagram content by zooming in and out.


Diagram grids

Learn how to improve shapes' alignment and positioning with the help of diagram grids.


Search bar

The search bar is a convenient way of locating the shape(s) you want without having to scroll through the entire diagram. In this article you will learn how to use the search feature.


8. Present shape as primitive shape Table of Contents 1. Automatic Diagram Layout

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