Style and formatting

You can change shapes' appearances freely by editing their fill color, font and line style. In this chapter, we will walk through in detail.


Applying fill, line and font styles on diagrams

Shows how to edit the fill, line and font of shapes.


Managing and applying styles

You can save formatting properties as a style to aid in reusing in other shapes. This page tells you how to save a style, and reuse it on another shape.


Setting line style

Controls how connector routes. There are five options: rectilinear, oblique, curve, round oblique and round rectilinear.


Setting line jumps options

When two connectors intersect with each other, the line jump option determines how the intersection will be rendered.


Setting connector caption orientation

Controls how a caption of connector appear against different connector orientations.


Format Copier

Shows you how to copy the formatting properties of a shape and copy to another.


Set connection point style

Determines how to position the end point of connector, whether to point to the shape's border or point into the center.


Present shape as primitive shape

The primitive option enables you to present any kind of shape as simple rectangle/oval/rounded rectangle shape, with custom content.

2. Configuring project management properties look-ups Table of Contents 1. Applying fill, line and font styles

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